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Value, application of product packaging in Branding

03 September 2020

Packaging has no longer limited its role in product packing. It has evolved to be more critical in brand positioning and value increment. Thang Long Packing JSC has always been a creditable partner throughout the journey of position consolidation for many brands in the market

The role of packaging in value increment

In business, packaging is among fundamental elements. If a corporate could harness the power of packaging, it would reap great deal of benefit in value increment.

Emotional pulse, capture customer’s attraction

An eye-catching packaging with impressive, outstanding presentation would definitely attract the attention. Products would give a much deeper impression when they get on shelf with alternative products if they have a unique packaging.

Price competitiveness increment

Not only does packaging help protecting the products, preserving goods during circulation but it also acts as brand recognition and commercial. For a same alternative line of products with same quality, products with astonishing packaging might have the better price tag and be customer favorite. Therefore, to compete in a price war, corporates need to invest more in designing bold, unique packaging.

One typical example indicating the power and role of packaging in price war would be the story of Sunlight and My Hao specialized in dishwashing dispenser. In comparison of quality, these brands are not so different yet in term of packing, Sunlight knocked out its opponent in the first round since its launch. With a notable design, Sunlight was sold widely at the price ranging from 16 – 18,000 dong for a bottle while My Hoa is priced for 11,000 dong.

Establishment of credibility, increase of loyal customers

Loyal customers play a main role in sales increments, which is a desirable factor for any corporate. Packaging is critical for brand recognition. A unique or recyclable packaging could act as a selling point to impress customers. As the result, corporate needs to pay extra care to design and creation of product packaging.

Fastidious market infiltration

The power of product packaging in business that is well-harnessed would bring a great deal in value increment. For a product to be popular in a market even a picky one, it requires corporate to fulfil both the need of quality and the elevation of packaging designs quality alongside with sophisticate imagery. Once the product gathers all two elements of quality and brand recognition imagery, the packaging is definitely going to leave its mark in every market.

Sales increase

Packaging could be deemed as a helpful assistant to the corporate in sales increase. This is also the main role of packaging in business. When your products catch customer’s eyes, they stand out among the alternative products, help the customer “fall for it at the first sight” and increase the number of loyal customer, the sales is guaranteed to be sky rocket.

Especially, in the form of automatic retailing, a professional, impressive design could largely influence the buying decision of customers. All information, styles, colors bearing the message as well as providing particular facts on the packaging would make a ripple in media branding, an emotion associating with effective buying behavior. Therefore, so as to increase the sales, it is necessary to invest in product packaging.


Thang Long Packing JSC holds a strong belief that all products of the Company bear obligatory elements and have solid foundation in the market. The Company’s product is well-known internationally and domestically, which helps establish long-term partnership with Samsung, Canon, Panasonic, Hong Hai…

Value of packaging in brand development

Further beyond the coverage of one product, packaging is also a story of a brand, a message that the manufacturer wants to send.

Product packaging does matter, it decides the success of a product individually and a sales campaign collectively. As a product with a unique packaging design would stand out more, appeal to customer more, be more efficient in brand recognition. Hence, the role of packaging in branding, customer familiarity becomes irreplaceable.

Packaging is a powerful marketing tool

Customers always want to have product with best presentation. None would like to receive a clumsy-wrapping, unattractive-cover product. For that reason, packaging is playing a more crucial part deciding the success for failure of a marketing campaign. Packaging becomes vital in presenting features of the brand. Once a packaging is a success, it would win over the heart of customers, leave a deep impression associating directly to the brand.

With a rapid pace of growth and intensifying competition within the market, packaging is more essential than ever before. A study shows that 85% of customer buying products are emotional driven, impulsive. Hence, packaging is the most effective tool to transmit message, purpose of a brand to customers in a rapid, effective way, to leave an impression at first sight.

Product packaging could impact the success or failure of a product or a brand. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to invest well in this field in order to keep pace with competitor in the market and avoid regrettable loss, damages.


To exist and gradually developed, each product must retain its distinctive selling points to attract customers, leave its mark and position the brand in the market.

The differentiation is an abstract concept that cannot be replicate or bought. It is the advantage coming from resources of distribution and advertising. Manufacturers could use stories, implied messages of imageries in new fresh styles to a product to bring a refreshing wind. A product coating an eye-catching, distinctive packaging would not cease to amaze customers, stimulating their interest in collecting and recalling your brand.

A successful differentiation would position a brand in the market. This is the trend developed and used by many famous brands.

Sending the message of the corporate

Each product is the essence cumulated from the passion of the manufacturers, therefore, each packaging with the capability of conveying the thoughts, aspiration of the owner could give a deeper impression to users.

Brand positioning

Packaging is the necessary tool to brand positioning of a product in the market. Through observation, customers only pay their attention to outstanding features. Hence, when the goods selling get on shelf next to one another, product with unique, impressive packaging would draw more attention, which leads to sales increase.

It is said that the packaging is the most visual, effective introduction regarding quality and brand. A creative, professional packaging is a must when infiltrating a picky market. So as to push the development, to accelerate the positioning, each corporate should pay more care in investing, designing a better product packaging.

Application of product packaging

  1. Application of the product: nylon case for printers, mobile phones, manual for printer, phones.
  2. Styrofoam: Underneath pad for phones, dampers for the products (packing outside the product to protect the product from impact).
  3. Paper: containing earphones, chargers, SIM card replacement pin, cosmetic case, manual case, Earpods case….
  4. Stamp: to stick on phone glossy bags, carton boxes……..


All the strict requirements from the market for the above product packaging, Thang Long Packing Import - Export and Production Joint Stock Company believes to fully meet. The company always listens to the wishes and messages of manufacturers wanting to convey from the products, as well as always research and observe the market to update and creatively make suitable packaging productsmost suitable and unique.