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Cargo Packaging Development History

27 July 2020

For a long time, people have known how to use natural available materials such as leaves, bark, trunks, to preserve products. These are primitive types of packaging and some are still used today as leaves for wrapping cakes. Through the development of science and technology, people have known how to use many different materials for packaging. Diversify models as well as features to meet increasing and diverse human needs.

In the beginning, materials available in nature are mostly used solely to contain solid products. But when the demand for liquid products came into existence they needed a material with and from there ceramic packaging came into being to meet this demand. Although it had many disadvantages, for the society at that time, this was a very good packaging that promoted features such as harmless food, easy to use and no pollution to the environment. .

To overcome some limitations of ceramic packaging glass packaging was born. This type was recyclable but polluted the environment and at that time the recovery was difficult. Unrecovered glass bottles will become non-biodegradable waste in the environment affecting the soil.


Through the time when people exploit and use oil products, they have discovered that a material that can make that packaging is plastic. The birth of plastic packaging has met many different types of products that traditional packaging cannot. To this day it's an irreplaceable part of human life. Contributing greatly in the socio-economic development, the circulation of goods becomes much easier. But plastic alone is not enough, it can be combined with many other materials such as paper, films with applications from plastic increase the functionality of a packaging.

Not only used to contain today it is used as an effective way of advertising but with less investment costs of businesses. But it is very effective because it can get close to the consumer.