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Vietnam Paper Packaging Industry 2019 - Strong Changes

20 February 2020

The paper packaging industry in Vietnam in 2018 had to struggle with so many difficulties. In addition to the problem of raw materials, besides the difficulty in the import and export process. To better understand the status of the upcoming Vietnam paper packaging industry in 2019, today's article will provide forecasts and the most accurate calculations, so that everyone has a clearer view of the advantages and disadvantages. current updates that the paper packaging industry in 2019 has.

Paper packaging industry events in 2018

Paper industry in 2018 accounted for a total consumption of up to 3,818 million tons per year, accounting for 77.2% of the total consumption of paper. Growth of 20% over the same period, the highest growth rate in the paper packaging industry in Vietnam.

Of that total, there were 3.17 million tons of uncoated chalk paper, accounting for 83% of the total, while the chalkboard paperboard reached 648,400 tons, and the rate was 17%. Paper production for packaging accounts for an extremely high proportion in the paper industry, up to 81.3%. Paper for packaging is the largest export item with 641,000 tons, accounting for 79.2% of the total volume of paper and up to 99% over the same period.

Besides these outstanding numbers, there are shortcomings that we need to address in 2018 to develop in 2019. First of all, the demand for packaging paper in China plummeted due to the war. US-China trade and fierce competition from regional countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia.

This leads to a significant reduction in the price of packaging paper in the domestic market. Production and sales volume was stable, but the selling price dropped sharply, while the price of raw paper and input costs increased, causing the revenue to decline rapidly.

In addition to the Chinese and US trade war, the next factor is that domestic paper enterprises must face competitive pressure from the domestic market, especially FDI enterprises. FDI investment in the Vietnamese paper packaging industry has increased rapidly in the two years of 2017 and 2018, now accounting for more than 50% of Vietnam's paper output, creating enormous pressure for businesses in Vietnam. country.